Archigram archives

Even though the work of Archigram is mainly unbuilt, there's no doubt that they've been extremely influential. There have been loads exhibitions, books and magazine articles on their work; presumably every school of architecture has had at least one lecture series or seminar on them; they've received a RIBA gold medal in 2002 (28 years posthumously); and a vast number of famous (and slightly less famous) architects claimed their influence on their work.

Now there's a comprehensive guide on their work, which you can browse from the comfort of your home. EXP, the Research Centre for Experimental Practice at the University of Westminster, set up a website called the Archigram Archive Project. And the amount of information to be found on the site is huge! You can see the contents of the legendary magazine or read up on the people behind archigram. But, most importantly: there are over 200 projects by Archigram on the site, organized by year.

So if you are only slightly fascinated by Archigram, this website is worth checking out. And if you are avid appreciator on the kooky retro-futuristic, conceptually smart projects by this team, you can litereally spend hours on this site. Like I did...

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