There are many architects that specialize themselves at one time or another in their carreers. And there are many specializations for architects to choose, be it dwelling, infrastructure, office buildings, public space or whatnot. But some specializations are just too insane to be true. Really, who'd ever imagine an architect that only does treehouses? Really, think about it: designing treehouses, and nothing else. Wouldn't that be a child's dream come true for many architects? Just think about it - isn't the treehouse the typical kind of dreamy, crazy building - but also with a strong engineering side.

Really, how great would it be if you could just earn your living doing what Andreas Wenning, of Baumraum does in Bremen? Truth be told, not all treehouses he designs are "real" treehouses (some are supported on stilts instead of on the actual trees themselves), and not all treehouses are equally attractive, but in essence it's just great to see an office that solely does treehouses. I cannot imagine anybody doing that ever going to work in a bad mood...

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