Crawling all over Liverpool

Try to mentally picture those amazing drawings by Lebbeus Woods, which show those parasitic, mechanic creatures that appear to be crawling up along the side of a "normal" building. Those drawings look bizarrely futuristic. And even though years have passed between the first time he draw one of those parasitic robo-creatures (if I may call them that, for lacking a more becoming name), they still had a look like they were something out of the future...

...Until just now, I must say. Actually, since somewhere in September 2008, but I didn't know until today. The vision that seemed to redeem in the drawings of Lebbeus Woods became alive: The French company La Machine made a gigantic mechanical spider for the celebration for Liverpool as the European Capital of Culture. The mechanical spider, weighing in at 37 tons, could have been seen crawling up a side of a pretty non-descript tower building with the speed of two miles per hour.

I found this via outnext.com.

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