The Illuminati

I think everybody with a SLR camera has, at one time or another, tried to play with the shutter speed of the camera a bit. And maybe, if lucky, one would've ended up with pictures of nice light traces from the lights of passing cars.

Well, Lichtfaktor has taken this form of photography to a whole new level. With the aid of different kinds of lighting tools (flashlights, LED-lights, fireworks and so on) they found a way to make a new kind of graffiti with light, which looks really great. If you look closely, you might see a glimpse of a moving person in the image, but mostly the pictures look like a graffiti-style painting with light. It's great to see abstract curvy shapes, or a phone booth wrapped in light. But I am especially intrigued by the robots. At one time, the big ben looks like a attacking (but clumsy) creature from outer space. Or a garbage bin that, by some relatively simple illuminated gestures, turns into a poor man's R2D2. Of course, there are plenty more great images on the site of Lichtfaktor, and there's probably more to come. It's great to see what a good eye for a projected lightscape and some well-coordinated lights can do.

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