The floating school of Halong Bay

It's likely that almost every single tourist visiting Vietnam spends some time in Halong Bay. The caves in the area are pretty much the main attraction of the area: the caves run between the rocky islands: this long stretched piece of coastline is home to approximately 2000 islands. Most of which are too rough to be inhabited. Around these islands, some floating villages can be found. It all seems rather idyllic: about an hour away from main land, a bunch of fishermen live in a more or less normal community-life: they trade their fish for other kinds of food, have families - of which some members have probably never set foot on the main land. The question is: what happens with the kids? Well, there's a floating school in Halong Bay. It's amazing to see how a normal community life can take place in an un-normal situation...

Those images are from a blog called "Mulloskeys adventures abroad".

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