Minimalist house

For many designers, the words by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe still ring true: they design by the adagium "Less is more". Mostly, I'd prefer to use Mae West as my source, and design with the thought "Too much of a good thing is wonderful" in my mind.

That does not mean that I cannot value the clean simplicity of a minimalistic approach. Take the Minimalist house by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates, for instance.

The plot for this house in Okinawa (Japan) is surrounded by a wall, and divided lengthways into three strips. One is a courtyard, the other two - divided from the courtyard by means of a strip of glass - make up the living space. The stip closest to the courtyard contains a bedroom, living space and workspace in a single space. The third zone contains the more enclosed rooms such as bathroom, utility room and kitchen.

The entire house is laid out on a 3 meter-grid, in three dimensions.

The subdivision of the living space is conceived by means of a wall-like piece of furniture completely clad in corian, giving more privacy where needed. This organisation and smart layout enables a continuous space, without any obtrusions or subdivisions. It's simple it's elegant: how can you not love a house like that, and admire the future inhabitants for being able to live this way?

I found this project on dezeen.com.

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