Airspace rebooted

Airspace Rebooted from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

In April of this year, much of Europe's airspace has been closed for several days, due to the volcanic ash after the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in iceland. itoworld.com, with support from ideasintransit.org, made a visualization of the airspace traffic of Europe slowly coming back to life again.

The flight data is courtesy of flightradar24.com and covers a large fraction of Europe. There are a few gaps (most noticeably France) and no coverage over the Atlantic, but the picture is still clear.

Other than slowing the "reboot" of the flight lines, it also shows the density of airtraffic in on certain lines and airports. It also makes one wonder whether the amount of flight that we, in general, use nowadays will continue to exist - or better yet: how it could be made sustainable to maintain this density of flight...

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