Highway to ASCII

I'm probably a bit late with this, since I've just discovered a new thing from... 3 months ago. Well, still: for their latest video for the song "Rock Train", AC/DC did something that is really fitting to the band itself: it's something that's old, but still pretty cool. And it's nothing new, but something old in a refreshing way.

Simply: the did a wonderfully oldschool (but newly interpreted) thing: they released their video in ASCII-art! The coolest thing is: you can watch the video in microsoft excel. I think that's the first time that somebody could actually claim to "rock out with excel". It's so awesomely cool, that I don't know what to say about it. You can download the videoclip - or better yet: the spreadsheet with the video in it - from "Rock Train" from AC/DCRocks.com. If you don't have excel, you can watch it on youtube, via the image above.

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