Dotted and etched

Partially, the attention on Marc, tattoo artist of Swastika Freakshop, a tattoo parlour in the south of Germany, has to do with the "Swastika" in the name of the shop. It has to do with the argument for (or against) the use of swastikas: an argument that typically devolves into one side claiming that the symbol is offensive and should be abolished, with the other naming historical precedents of the swastika being used as a sign of peace, and that this current usage is indeed a means of reclaiming a valuable piece of history from the tyranny of the Nazis. (quoted from BME zine).

Even though there are arguments for both sides, I want to leave the entire controverse aside. Simply because I want to focus on his work. I like the originality of the tattoos he produces. It looks like he produces actual sketches on skin. Some bigger pieces of one colour appear to be consisting out of a collection of lines (like the way people hatch hand sketches), and other gray patches are made up of dots. It's definitely something different and it's probably very time consuming. But it looks really spectacular to me...

BME Zine

Since the website of Swastika Freakshop has been under construction for a long time, Some other places to see the work by Marc:
BME Zine

Oh, and for the architecture freaks that are thinking this post doesn't have too much to do with architecture: that guy in the last picture has a golden ratio tattoo on his arm...

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