The afterlife of buildings

The curators of the Polish pavilion at the most recent Venice Biennale of Architecture, by Grzegorz Piątek and Jarosław Trybuś, took the theme of this years´ biennale ("Out there - architecture beyond buildings") rather literal.
For the exhibition called "Warsaw's Polonia Hotel. The Afterlife of Buildings", they let Nicolas Grospierre take pictures of six prestigious buildings that have been constructed in recent years by renouned architects.
The curators wanted to debate the durability of those buildings. The project is portraying how the usage of those buildings could change drastically -whether because of social or environmental issues.

Kobas Laska made photocollages, portraying this possible future of these six buildings. The result is not just highly speculative and funny, but also raises questions about the life-spans as such.

I found this exhibition on We Make Money Not Art. I've placed my favorite one here, you can find the rest on that website.

The image above is the largest church in Poland, called the Sanctity of our lady of sorrow, designed by Barbara Bielecka and built between 1994 an 2004. The question that is inherent in this picture is "what if Poles stopped going to masses?" The afterlife of this building is a whole new kind of gathering space: what if the church would be used as an aquatic park?

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