Blowing bubbles

For the Yokohama Triennale 2008,
Shinji Ohmaki came up with an installation that is aiming to be as ephemeral as possible. As if the installation was made out of air. And it virtually is, since it's made out of bubbles. He created 50 sweet, little, inconspicuous cases, containing bubble machines. They can be moved around, stacked, organized and whatnot. They appear to be nothing more than upturned white buckets, until the switch is flipped: bubbles start to appear from the machines, creating the space where they are placed into some kind of happy-happy-joy-joy happening. For the Triennale, Ohmaki used the famous Yokohama Port Terminal by Foreign Office Architects, but there are many more places and spaces where one could imagine that this piece could create a lovely sensation...

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