I've seen it pretty often during the last weeks. Cars with national flags attached to it, to show support to a specific national football team. And I must say that I really enjoy seeing cars with two different flags. Especially in the area where my girlfriend lives, I've seen a lot of cars with both the German and the Turkish flag attached to them. What happens on wednesday (when the two nations collide in the semi-finals of Euro 2008) is a different story.
But normally supporter-kits for football-fans are pretty absolute. They leave no room for double choices, or multiple options. Since not everybody it as rigid as this supposes people to be, Schalalala was invented. As they say themselves on their website: Schalalala is a fan-scarf remix project, which offers you a more self-determined formulation. Use the Remix-Interface to turn existing fan-scarfs into your own message. Download your knitting pattern from the Remix-Gallery and go ahead and knit it.

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