"They drew first blood, not me"

The series of Rambo-movies, starring Sylvester Stallone, could've only be successful by going "bigger" by every sucessive movie. It's just that kind of movie with all that gratuitous violence that needs to be more over the top, every time around. And that's exactly what these statistics prove: every Rambo movie is more violent than the previous one. Strangely enough, Stallone also gotten a bit more "untouchable": in the lastest version, there were only 2 sequences in which he was shot at (without result, of course), which is quite little in relation to the abundance of 38 sequences in part three.

Other than that, it is obvious from these statistics that Sylvester Stallone realized that he's clearly too old to take off his shirt to kill a random bad guy.
So, it appears that even silly action movies are put together based on statistics: there's probably some guy with an excel-sheet somewhere that figured out exactly the right amount of kills and torture scenes for visitor optimalization.

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