The Spectacle of the Pool

Hotel Elan in Dallas, Texas, is a five star hotel. It will probably be really comfortable and all, but it's not quite spectacular, architecturally speaking. Except for the swimming pool. Almost every single trick in the book is used to make this pool the unique selling point of the hotel. Firstly, the outdoor pool is on the 10th floor of the building. Secondly, the pool is cantilevered about 2 metres off the edge of the building. And to even add to the experience: the cantilevered edge is made out of glass, so that you feel as if you are swimming over the edge of the building. And from the street, you can have a look into the pool. It's definitely a huge eye-catcher for the hotel: I'm pretty sure that every body in Dallas will be all like "the Elan Hotel? Dunno... Oh, the one with that crazy pool!" In case that's not clear: that's wonderful, in my book.

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