A modern primitive cave

As part of his graduation project from Escuela de Arquitectura Universidad de Talca, Rodrigo Sheward actually realized his final project called "conversion of a devastated territory" for a mountain-site in Chile. And it's just lovely. It blends in with the surroundings, it has the right amound of ruggedness that such a site needs, and it gives a nice way to enjoy the beautiful vistas and the surrounding. Oh, and the material ages brilliantly. It is exactly the kind of structure the site needs, and everything is just completely right on this one. Lovely small structure. Many architects would have probably done too much with the site, but in this case the architecture is modest to allow for the site to be the main focus point. Lovely hut for hikers, like the modern equivalent of a cave in the rocks.

For more information (and images) about this project, check out the weblog by Rodrigo Sheward.

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The Worst of Perth said...

Gorgeous. Really nice.

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