bush library

It's a tradition that every departing US president gets to erect his own library for his legacy. Whatever that might be. It's pretty much final that the New York-based architect Robert Stern gets the job, as the Austin American Statesman writes in the article "good enough for Mickey Mouse, good enough for Bush".

I cannot really be bothered to care about this. First of all, I'm pretty sure that the library building will be un-original, un-spectacular and un-interesting (because of both the architect and the president involved), but also because I think that Bush is a disaster dressed up as president, and I suppose his legacy is right up that alley.

Basically, I couldn't be bothered about the entire thing. Until I found that a magazine called "The Chronicle of Higher Education" came with counter-proposals for the libary, in what they called the back-of-the-envelope-design contest: they asked their readers to submit ideas (literally as proposals sketched on the back of an envelope). And some of them were really funny: some play on the irony of the connection "Bush" and "library", some refer to his bad reputation as a cowboy-cum-president, and some just sarcastically insinuate that the guy is a moron. I especially enjoy the "library and fun ranch" proposal. It would definitely fit the Bush-administration better than a classical library.

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