Urban camouflage

When you think of camouflage, what do you think of? Quite likely, you'll be thinking of the classic army look, with different brownish spots. Or about animal camouflage: tiger stripes, cameleons and such.
But how does one camouflage himself in a more urban context? This is exactly what artist Desiree Palmen seems to pose as a question: how can people dissapear against a more "contemporary" background? Well, the answer is: by means of manipulated clothing. It can be a suit painted as a perspective of a bookshelf, or a shirt that is transformed into a heap of papers lying on a table. As a viewer, you just have to imagine: what would happen if you'd move one step away from the perfect perspective from which the camouflage is correct?

Likely, Palmen tries to express her fear for the ever-increasing camera control, monitoring, cross-medialization of the public domain and such with her work. Is it subversive? Not that much - but it's a means to get people to start thinking about what they take for granted: we are all under continual control...

I found this project on boingboing.net

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