Booster Station - Group A

The process involved in this building, the so-called booster station in the southern part of Amsterdam (the Netherland) is really down to earth. Basically, it's an utter technical utility building for draining sewage - consisting of a set of pipes and pumps. Most of the times, such buildings are not considered as a source for creative design. It seems illogical to make a brave statement of aesthetic principles out of such a structure. But why? such an object is highly visible in the city-landscape - that should be reason enough to invest a bit more into such a project... On the other hand: who wants to invest a bunch of euros to make the sewer system look sexy?

Luckily, in the city of Amsterdam, Waternet decided to spice up the look of this one specific booster station at the Spaklerweg. And they hired the architects of Group A to design this building. Or better yet: this object in public space. It looks very high-tech, like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, making a attractive and intriguing object.

the photo is from flickr, by the way.

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