Quirin Chapel

It's not uncommon that religious ceremonies are performed in cave-like structures. On this site in Luxemburg, there used to be a heathen shrine in early days. Lateron, the Romans used this as an early Christian place of worship. The choice of this place might have had something to do with the water-source which is said to have healing powers.

Since the 11th century, this place has been consecrated to Saint Quirin, and since the early 13th century, services were held in the two caves at the site. In 1355 a gothic chapel for pilgrimage was built on the site, partially inside the rock. The roof and the bell towers you can see on the picture, were added in the 19th century. And to make for an even more complex situation: lateron, they built a road over the chapel. More complexity is more stunning visuals...

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rutger said...

I've been intrigued by this building since I first saw it about ten years ago. Have been wondering about its history, now I know. Thanks for sharing the story.