Their circular life

On their circular life Lorenzo Fonda and Davide Terenzi document the day in the life of a piece of urban infrastructure. Well, actually, they document a day in the life of five places. By means of 24 still photos, combined with sound clips, they present 24 hours of urban life in one time-lapsed video.

The two guys that started the project in 2001 say the following about 'their circular life': "Humans are all equal. They have the same needs. They feel, act and behave accordingly to an unknown law. Urban places know this well. By living the life of urban infrastructure, you become an external observer of what happens everyday in every place on earth."
And it's just that. Imaginative observations of life. Not life on the streets, but the life of the streets...

By the way, the project is open source, so feel free
to participate with a film that you made yourself.

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