Svayambh - Anish Kapoor

For the musée de beaux arts in Nantes (france), Anish Kapoor created a sculpture called "Svazambh" - which is a Sanskrit word meaning something like "shaped by its own energy". Quite a fitting name for the sculpture: The work is made up of a block of red wax put on sloping rails, elevated about 1.5 metres above the floor of the gallery. The block of wax travels slowly through the museum, leaving dramatic red marks on the arches of the building. Moreover: passing through the building over time, the block wears and tears, is affected by the contours of space. The work is mostly interpreted as being about memory and history. I´m not an art critic or something, so I just have to adhere to that. Kapoor just found a great way to let the architecture of the space form the piece of art.

For more about Anish Kapoor, check out the Lisson Gallery website.

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