Moto Azabu - Klein Ditham Architecture

www.dezeen.com had a nice selection of projects by Klein Ditham going on on their website last week. This made me write something about one of my favorite projects by them, called Moto Azabu (or: Billboard building).

Making prints on buildings is nothing new, neither isworking with plant motives in architecture. But in this case, both are just spot-on decisions in my eyes. I'll tell you why:
This building is tiny and strange-shaped: it's an 11 metres long wedge, 2.5 metres at one end, and just about 60 cm at the other. Basically: the entire building is front facade. So Klein Ditham designed the building as just that: an inhabitable billboard.

Since this asks for a facade as image (or image as facade), the architects decided to use a graphically strong, relatively simple image of bamboo to cover the entire facade. At daytime, the image of bamboo serves as a sun-shading device. And at night, the image becomes a graphic illumination in the middle of Tokyo.

For more, make sure to check out their website.

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In my opinion, this really is an interesting project and your selection is a nice selection too. Good work! **