Skating Phaeno

I love skateboarding. I used to do it quite a lot (until some doctors advised me not to do so anymore), but that's beside the point. I also appreciate it from an architectural/urbanistic view: skateboarders use built environment in an alternative way, and see the city with different eyes.
That having said, I have always thought that Zaha Hadid's Phaeno building in Wolfsburg would've been perfect to skate on. Actually, I think that many Hadistic buildings would be great to skate on. So it didn't quite surprised me when somebody decided to use the spot for a skate session.

The people from Red Bull - Acces All Areas went to the place to skate. Unfortunately, the only video that is available at the moment (on the site) isn't that interesting, but the images makes one expect a lot of great footage...

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