Tadashi Kawamata

Tadashi Kawamata is one of those artists that travel around the globe in search of a site for a sculpture. His work is at the same time very much about his own background (Japan), but also very site specific. His work is is always made of wood, and made with materials that are either bought or borrowed on-site.
The structures are always temporary, most of the times taking a form that sits somewhere between a dodgy scaffolding and a deformed exoskeleton for a building.

Toronto Project, as constructed in 1989, sat on an empty lot in a shopping street. The chaotic, improvised look of the project makes it look like it was abandoned halfway through the construction. But at the same time the project speaks of the stability of the dynamic history of the site.

Well, all the theorizing blah-blah aside: the project just looks spectacular.

more information about Kawamata can be found on his own website

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