Mailbox on the Erasmusbridge

On may 8th, artist Niels Post placed a mailbox on the famous Erasmusbridge (designed by UN Studio), with the address:

N. Post
Erasmusbrug 1
3072 Rotterdam

After that, he posted this address on several internet-sites, asking to send him some mail. And people did. More importantly, the Dutch mail seemed to cooperate: within the nine weeks the mailbox existed, 122 pieces of mail were delivered. After that, the Dutch mail had enough of it: they removed the mailbox.

One can only wonder what the concept behind this guerrilla-art was. Was it a witty joke on the last name of the artist? Or was it a statement about public and private ownership of cityspaces? I suppose it's the latter, because at the time Niels Post did this, there was a heated debate around the image rights of the bridge: apparently, Ben van Berkel (the architect behind UN Studio) didn't want anybody to use an image of "his" bridge without his permission, or he wanted money for it.

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