It was only a matter of time until someone with half a mind to make some money would come up with an idea for a genetically modified pet. Based on a Singaporean gen-modified environmental warning fish (which colors brightly when the amount of toxins in the water reaches a certain critical level), the Glofish
was invented: it sits conveniently in a fish tank, to light up in blacklight. The fish is available in three dazzling colours: Starfire Red, Electric Green and Sunburst Orange. Of course: it's only available in the USA (everywhere except California).

I don't know what you think of it, but I think it's at least a tad bit sketchy to modify animals for human enjoyment. But the Glofish people definitely think otherwise: they're safe, because: "GloFish® fluorescent zebra fish, like all ornamental fish, are NOT intended for human consumption; they should never be eaten."...

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