Competition insanity - Stockholm Library

For the first stage of the open competition for an extension to the Stockholm public libary, 1.170 proposals were submitted and approved. Let's just count for a second: just imagine that the jury invested 5 minutes to discuss each plan. They would've needed 5.850 minutes in total. That's 97.5 hours. Assume that the jury would work an average of eight hours a day - it would take them exactly twelve days and one and a half hour to only review all the proposals.
This sounds pretty impossible, right? I try to imagine how they did that - but I am without a clue. Or is it safe to assume that somewhere within the vast masses of proposals lies one that is better than any of the six proposals for the second stage of the competition?

That being said: the six selected proposals are at the moment being worked on, since the second stage proposals should be submitted by september 14th. Personally, I am interested what comes out of the development of two of the proposals: "book hill" and "blanket". For "book hill" it's mainly the meandering townscape (between building and landscape) that fascinates me. However, I am quite curious if the roof will be activated in some form. For "blanket", the man-made ending in itself is a nice idea - but the terraced interior of the libary (which is sunken into the ground) is the most spectacular selling point. I cannot quite decide which of these two plans to favor: isn't there a way to combine them?

More information on this competition (including the six selected proposals, the jury's report and all the submitted plans) can be found on the site of the Swedish Association of Architects

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